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Novikov Valery Konstantinovich

(28.05.1939 - 14.06.2012)

NOVIKOV Valery Konstantinovich (Moscow 28/05/1939 - 14.06.2012) - aircraft.

Member of the Academy of Sciences of aviation and aeronautics "(1997).

He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute im.S.Ordzhonikidze (1962).

In 1961-1979 he worked at NPO Energia, took part in the development and testing of spacecraft Voskhod, Soyuz, Salyut, Mir, in the international program of the Soyuz-Apollo.

Developed life-support systems of spacecraft. In 1979-1986 - worked at EMZ im.V.M.Myasischeva deputy chief designer of space topics.

In 1986-1992 - chief designer, responsible manager EMZ.

In 1992-2006 - Head, Chief Designer EMZ. Under his leadership, were the development of the cabin, life support systems, thermal management, emergency rescue of the crew of space shuttle Buran, conducted flight tests of the BPS - the analog videoconferencing Buran implemented transportation SCD Buran and compartments rocket Energia at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Were raised in the air high-altitude aircraft M-55 "Geophysics" (1988) and business-class aircraft M-101T Gzhel (1995), passed certification tests (2002).

At high-altitude aircraft M-17 "Stratosphere" was established 25 world records at the M-55 "Geophysics" -16 world records.

On the instructions of Russian Emergency Ministry developed and passed State tests container for safe landing "Ganymede." Has modernization of aircraft IL in the air command centers.

Since 2008 - Advisor to the Director General EMZ.

He was awarded the Order of Merit "IV degree," Friendship of Peoples "," Honored aircraft manufacturer and medals.

He is the author of more than 30 inventions, and a number of scientific articles.
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