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Schepetkov Oleg Adolfovich

(02/21/1954 PM Morozovsk, Rostov reg.)
Test Pilot Class 1

SCHEPETKOV Oleg Adolfovich (02/21/1954 PM Morozovsk, Rostov reg.) - Test Pilot Class 1 (1992).

Master of Sports in airplane Sport (1993). Six times world record holder.

Honored Test Pilot of Russia (1998). Hero of Russia (2004). Colonel.

Graduated Kachinsk Higher Military Aviation School (1975).

Served in positions of pilot, senior pilot, commander of the fighter in the Air Force.


In 1984 he graduated from the Center for training test pilots.

In 1985-1996 - the test pilot, senior test pilot in the Air Force Institute of GC (with 1991g.-929 glycyl) im.V.P.Chkalova.

He was engaged in testing the fighter aircraft, fighter-bomber and ground attack aircraft, its systems and weapons.

In 1993, established six world records for the climb on plane M-55 "Geophysics". Since 1996 - the test pilot, senior test pilot EMZ im.V.M.Myasischeva. He participated in all phases of testing high-altitude aircraft M-17 "Stratosphere", M-55 "Geophysics" and the first Russian turboprop aircraft Business Class M-101T Gzhel.

The International Research Programme in Earth's atmosphere on aircraft laboratory M-55 "Geophysics" performed a large number of stratospheric flight over the northern seas in the polar night over the Indian and Atlantic oceans, over Antarctica.

During flight operations mastered 57 types and modifications of aircraft of different classes, flew about 3000 hours, including more than 1000 tests.

He was awarded medals.
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