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December 22, 2011.
High-altitude research aircraft platform M-55 "Geophysica" back from Kiruna (Sweden) in Zhukovsky, completing the next phase of international studies of the atmosphere at high latitudes. The aircraft is tested by German specialists developed instrument GLORIA, designed for installation on standard created by the ESA European satellite. Piloted the plane Hero of Russia O.A. Shepetkov.

December 14, 2011.
In connection with the approaching 110th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasishcheva (28.09.2012) a plan ceremonies and forms part of the site.

November 29, 2011.
High-altitude research aircraft platform M-55 "Geophysica" flew from the airfield "Ramenskoe" in Zhukovsky airport Kiruna (Sweden) for research missions in the framework of international study programs the upper atmosphere.

November 8, 2011.
In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of 07.11.2011g. Gorbunov Alexander was appointed General Director of JSC «Myasishchev Design Bureau»

October 24, 2011.
As a result of the selection of winners of the qualification recognized by the following organizations:
1. Closed Joint Stock Company "Russian assessment";
2. Limited Liability Company "Analytical Consulting Center" Department of Professional Appraisal ";
3. Limited liability company "Audit and Evaluation."

October 12, 2011.
theme of "Atmosphere"

Pursuant to a contract with FGBU "Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia" (the message of October 6, 2011.) Bought the Yak-42D (board number 42 440), which dismantled engines and APUs and sent to the factory for work on the extension of the resource. Deployed to work on installation jobs of operators and installation on the wing pylon fairings to accommodate the equipment; optical glass block windows in the fuselage and air intake devices.

Topic 60

Completed theoretical and experimental investigations in wind tunnels TsAGI T-104 and T-30 dorsal air intakes integrated build the airframe and powerplant aircraft M-60. The results of analysis studies have shown tangible improvements traction engine performance and reduce the level of noise.

October 10, 2011.
Due to the unstable political situation in the Mediterranean region, experts FZJ Research Center under the existing contract (post April 11, 2011.) Began to choose another region to study the atmosphere using high altitude platform M-55 "Geophysics".

September 20, 2011.
Open Joint Stock Company "Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after V. Myasishchev "reports on the competition by prequalification organizations for their continued involvement to perform work on the assessment of needs for JSC "EMZ them. VM Myasishchev. " Details of the contest is presented in the section "Disclosure."

June 6, 2011.
EMZ im.V.M. Myasishchev took part in "your business - innovative development", held at the Palace of Culture Zhukovsky (31.05-4.06).
Exposure to EMZ represented two directions: historical, consisting of aircraft models created in recent years, and innovative, where innovative projects airplanes standard series M-60 and aerospace designs systems to launch satellites and to provide suborbital flights of space tourists.
Feature of the aerospace systems - use as a carrier of modified aircraft 3M and M-55.

April 11, 2011.
A contract with a German research center FZJ for the next international campaign for Atmospheric Research of the Earth (the program "ESSENCE 11") using a high-altitude platform M-55 "Geophysics".
Region of research, scheduled for November 2011., Selected Mediterranean determining weather over Europe.

March 24, 2011.
There was a solemn meeting devoted to the 60 th anniversary of the company.
Veterans of the OKB-23, EMZ im.V.M. Myasishchev and the best company employees were awarded cash prizes and we launched.
At the ceremonial meeting was attended by representatives of the Presidential Administration, Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow Region Government, Administration of Zhukovsky, TsAGI. Professor NE Zhukovsky, FRI im.M.M. Gromov, media and other organizations.

March 10, 2011.
In connection with the successful delivery of two aircraft A-410 in the embodiment of a staff liaison aircraft, signed a government contract to develop design documents for the conversion of these two aircraft L-410 UVP-E3 in version L-410 UVP-ES ("Salon") in cooperation with OAO 123-ARZ "and " AeroStayl. Deadline: 2011.

March 10, 2011.
March 24, 2011 OAO EMZ them. VM Myasishchev conducts solemn meeting devoted to the 60 anniversary of establishment of enterprises (24.03.1951g.)

February 18, 2011.
Previously signed an addition to the framework contract between Rosoboronexport (Executive OAO EMZ im.V.M. Myasishcheva ") and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR Republic of India(submitted by the National Aerospace Laboratory NAL) for testing models of aircraft SARAS, analysis of results and recommendations for the formation of the aircraft structure in order to improve performance characteristics.

January 22, 2011.
After long and serious illness, CEO of EMZ to them. VM Myasishchev "Proskurnin Anatoly A..


November 20, 2010.
Aircraft research platform M-101T Gzhel completed monitoring of the dynamics of construction of Olympic facilities in the North Caucasus, and returned to base in Zhukovsky.

October 6, 2010.
A contract to build an aircraft-laboratory equipped with the equipment and instruments geophysical monitoring (based on the Yak-42D). Customer - The Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

August 18, 2010.
Airplane - research platform M-101T Gzhel returned to the airfield Mineral Waters. In the past expeditions aircraft flown by pilots "Myasishchev Design Bureau" Matveev, Salakhutdinov T., Hero of Russia Schepetkov O.

12 August 2010.
Airplane research platform M-101T Gzhel completed shooting the regions of Southern Urals. Naletov during this period more than 41 hours.

10 August 2010.
Research platform M-101T Gzhel variant air photographer, having completed filming in the North Caucasus (Airport Minvody), relocated to the airport for the filming of Magnitogorsk in the southern Urals.

29 July 2010.
EMZ im. V.M. Myasishchev launched a company to create a monument V.M. Myasishchev in Efremov and Zhukovsky. Sculptor GG Cherednichenko, Honored Artist of Russia, began work on the monument (full length). In order to collect sponsorship contributions to create a public "Fondazione Myasishchev. Set monument V.M. Myasishchev planned for the 110 th anniversary (September 28, 2012.) Birthday chief designer.

12 June 2010.
Specialists EMZ returned from Bangalore, completing Stage 1 works. Before leaving, signed a joint agreement on 2 nd stage: finishing work on the aircraft "Saras" in preparation for flight tests and certification.

30 May 2010.
In the city of Bangalore took off a second group of specialists EMZ under contract for the aircraft "Saras".

16 May 2010.
The first group of specialists EMZ im.V.M. Myasishchev flew to India g.Bangalor under contract for development of the main directions of modification of a light aircraft "Saras" (M-102). The original scheme of the aircraft developed jointly by experts EMZ and NAL (Bangalore).

14-15 May 2010.
At the 3rd Nevsky International Ecological Congress MDB and Hydromet representatives made a report on scientific flights made by M-55 "Geophysica" aircraft as a research platform. The Congress has observed the unrivalled potentialities of the aircraft for investigations of ecological condition of the planet.

29 April 2010.
Airplanes - research platform M-55 "Geophysics" returned in Zhukovsky. Total from the airfield, the Kiruna was committed 14 research flights.

26-28 April 2010.
Detailed mapping photography of Klin and neighbouring locality has been carried out from the altitude 800m.

18-22 April 2010.
From the board of M-101T aircraft the next series of surveying of projects under construction in Sochi and airports in Krasnodar, Anapa and Gelendgik from the altitude 6000-8000m has been carried out.

30 March 2010.
Committee of Directors of OAK has confirmed Mr. Proskurnin Anatoly Alekseevich appointment as Director General of joint stock company "Myasishchev Design Bureau"

5 March 2010.
FSUE "Myasishchev Design Bureau" was reorganized into Joint Stock Company «Myasishchev Design Bureau»

2 March 2010.
M-55 "Geophysica" aircraft-scientific platform has achieved a point in latitude 84o40' North.

14 January 2010.
M-55 "Geophysica" aircraft- scientific platform -flew to Kiruna (Sweden) to carry out scientific flights within the frames of international scientific programs


23 November 2009.
In Geneva there was a repeated starting of a large hadronic collider (CERN). According to the scientists' appraisals the high accuracy alveole of front electromagnetic calorimeter manufactured from composites at MDB have operated faultlessly.

5 November 2009.
M-55 "Geophysica" aircraft- scientific platform successfully carried out test flights within the frames of the international research program and returned to home base in Zhukovsky.

26 October 2009.
M-55 "Geophysica" aircraft- scientific platform flew to Germany (Oberphffenhofen) where test flights will be carried out over Europe within the frames of the international research program RECONCILE. In the nearest future this program envisages to carry out research flights from Sweden up to the North Pole, and it is the further step in investigating the ozone layer condition and issues of the Earth climate warming.

16-17 October 2009.
At the 16th session of the joint committee of Russia and India into the program of joint scientific-technical cooperation the development and updating of Indian light transport aircraft SARAS was included. Within the frames of this program the Contract was concluded between Rosoboronexport and NAL (Bangalore) regarding MDB participation in updating, flight tests execution and certification of this aircraft Furthermore the Contract has been signed in compliance with which MDB, TsAGI and FRI will participate in the development of the main directions of SARAS aircraft modification.

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